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Vocal Therapy Solutions VTS offers an avenue of interventions that has emerged from over fifty years of fundamental quantitative research findings, thirty years of establishing Vocal Behavior Training VBT as a successful method for performing singers, and now VTS is a state of the art solution to achieve and maintain vocal health in both the singing and the speaking voice.  

The primary difference between VBT and VTS is their first concern and approach to the client’s needs. The ‘Vocal Decision Tree’™ diagram below shows the differences of function and objectives: 

Vocal Behavior Training VBT

  • Voice Training
  • Vocal strengthening for singers and professional speakers
  • Strengthening and rehabilitation at vocal fold level
  • Improvements in pitch, volume and clarity
  • Coaching improvements for professionals i.e. phrasing, interpretation, rhythm, etc.
Vocal Therapy Solutions VTS

  • Voice Therapy
  • Overall vocal health for singing and speaking voices for improved communication
  • Rehabilitation at vocal fold level
  • Improvements in tonicity volume and clarity
  • Optimal airflow at vocal fold level for optimum phonatory production
The Vocal Decision Tree
If you need vocal therapy you should consider VTS.  If you need vocal training you should consider VBT.
​Vocal Decline Symptoms 

  • Hoarseness  
  • Pharyngitis  
  • Chronic Laryngitis  
  • Vocal weakness 
  • Inability to be heard  
  • Inability to be understood  
  • Voice becomes shallow weak and unintelligible (Spasmatic Dysphonia abductor type)
  • Noisy strained and in spasms (Spasmatic Dsphonia abductor type)