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We can heal your voice and change your behavior. As one client stated: 

"The VTS method is unequaled in the field of speech and singing. The rebuilding of my vocalism to a voice broader and stronger than ever before has been a wonderful journey with Alma." 
  Patricia Kitchell 
Vocal Therapy Specialists provides Vocal Therapy Solutions (VTS) that are non-invasive safe holistic treatments to heal and or strengthen the vocal ligament. This therapeutic intervention can effectively treat both children and adults who have been diagnosed with a form of voice disorder and has successfully healed many voices. The impact upon or the dysfunction of the vocal folds  may have resulted from any of the following:

  • Misuse or abuse of voice (formation of nodules or polyps)  
  • Overt, extreme intrinsic and extrinsic tension at level of vocal folds (spastic/spasmodic dysphonia, aphonia)
  • Chronic weakness, atrophy, or paralysis at level of vocal fold (low volume, shallow and unidentifiable voice – gender, intelligibility low)
  • Traumatic brain injury from accident or cardiac event (stroke, TIA, embolism)  
  • Presence of chronic hoarseness or periodic loss of voice from no known etiology (laryngitis, myasthenia gravis)
  • Onset of neurological disease or syndromes (Parkinson’s, vocal fold paralysis)
Practicing the VTS method will eventually recondition and change vocal behavior to optimize the vocal fold approximation until new behavior is established increasing vocal response, ultimately resurrecting, aligning and strengthening the voice by constructing a natural balance of the vocal system and vocal production.  

Each voice responds differently healing will vary depending upon the condition and the degree of the vocal difficulties. Once we evaluate your condition and begin treatment we will be able to define your individualized treatment plan. All individuals have successfully experienced significant vocal improvement practicing this non-invasive holistic treatment.  View our Testimonial Page for some positive outcomes.

We emphasize that exercises be performed in a relaxed environment to reduce vocal tension and stress. Our passion is to continue to provide vocal solutions to restore and recondition the vocal ligament. 
Our passion is to provide vocal solutions to restore and recondition your voice.
 Many of our clients have tried other methods, have had surgery and  have tried Botox that resulted in little improvement. We offer the solution you are looking for and have proven success with our non-invasive method. 
We provide the difference!